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    Policing, photography, ukulele, piano, Cloud Gaming, running, gym, TØP, and drinking.

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  3. I said PM him, to your friend. I also fully explained (to your friend) why you will not have the Ultimate VIP role now.
  4. james.

    Mod rank on forums.

    I have set it for you.
  5. Is this THE superadmin james?

    1. james.


      yes, who's speaking?

  6. Hi @oliskcz, in future please use the 'help' section of the forums to ask for assistance. You have written this in suggestions. I have moved the thread for you.
  7. james.

    Marine Giveaway!

    Good luck everyone
  8. james.


    Nice one Flipbig, good luck everyone
  9. Great work Bigflip! 💕
  10. Interests

    Policing, photography, ukulele, Cloud Gaming, running, TØP, and drinking.

    1. james.


      That’s like LOL but also edgy and also cool and really funny 

  11. Similar concept anyway. It's not something that is used to resolve bans very often anyway nor is it guaranteed you will have the opportunity to pay for an unban anyway, it really does depend on the circumstances.