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  1. Very active, it does its job very well. It helps the community a lot She knows the rules very well. very friendly. It is an honor to have you on the Staff team!
  2. CallMeTom


    I think hes a good Moderator and very active. Also very friendly.
  3. CallMeTom

    Rappids store

    Okay, So I Can buy you the boney for 23 Pounds, Is Alright?
  4. CallMeTom

    Moonshine Guide

    Messing with a Spain Guy?
  5. CallMeTom

    Moonshine Guide

    Cool Now i can make my own alcohol !
  6. CallMeTom

    Vip gone

    Dont lisen to @squidward it is check_rank on console
  7. CallMeTom

    Rappids store

    Im. Interested on the boney. I”ll pm you for it
  8. CallMeTom

    CSS Textures

    This is used for loading all the textures of darkrp that is using csgo textures. First of all you need winrar for this TUTORIAL: so you go to this page download the css content with winrar. now you need to go to the Folder were you have gmod installed. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons You have to extract what is in the WinRAR folder to the other folder (this one over here ⬆️). Now when everything is installed there. Restart the garry's mod and you will have all the textures / sounds. you need winrar for this. i hope its helpful for you! http://files.fragboss.com/CSS Game Content.zip All this is allowed because your not installing the game just the textures so if you have allready the game you dont need this. its just for the people that dosent have csgo. if you dont have it you can do this tutorial.
  9. He’s great +admin and he comes od went we need him
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