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  2. Much love. You're a good shiba
  3. Closed This post just seems to be causing problems in the community, and people already told you to take this into the staff complaint section if you have any problems with a staff member. Regards, ~The Community Team ( @Ice Cube @JamieB @Riph @15inb @Sprickles @Coolchoccy )
  4. hnood190

    Buying CJ

    I was thinking more of a solid 350,000,000 would be a sweet spot. DM me if you wanna go over the price
  5. Hmm, well then if you received the receipt, then it's nothing we can do. Only roast would be able to do something about it.
  6. Have you tried going in-game, doing !store and pressing "Missing tokens?" on the top and press "yes"
  7. Instructions unclear, ended up resetting my pc.
  8. Yes, check credits. Riph confirmed it with me.
  9. Yeah, I feel you bro. It's pretty difficult. I just put it there for the sake of examples.
  10. Yes, I understand, they're self explanatory. I made this because some people still have questions about these types of things. It's just to make things more clear. And having the knowledge of being reported is a rare scenario, but it has happened before, it's just an example after all.
  11. I've been working on this document because I saw that people needed rules to become more clear. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sO34r3LjKP7DppoMccBULbkNewRf9xAhRVu32FRpJdU/edit?usp=sharing I chose google docs to make it easier for me to edit things and can add people to it to if I need to. PS. If there's anything I've forgotten or left out, or you just don't understand clearly. I'll try to update the document and answer your questions. I am also thinking of making more docs like this about cloud gaming. Already got some things in mind, but tell me what you think this community needs.
  12. This is so sweet, thanks very much guys ❤️ And ice cube is truly an amazing staff member.
  13. This is so sweet guys, words can't express how much I appreciate this, really. Thank you so much for this love and affection at these weird times, it's really something remarkable.
  14. hnood190

    Secret Places

    There are LOTS and lots more secret/unique places when you have the ability to noclip through walls.