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  1. Lovely words; is a great staff member doing a great job.
  2. At the top of the MOTD rules it also states ''The rules are made to improve players experiences. Use common sense and do not try to loop hole these rules. Staff have the final say in the matter even if it is not stated in the rules. If you have an issue with a staff member report them on the forums.''
  3. You don't know the half of the abuse from 'it'
  4. I agree with you massively, safe to say most people would! Thank you.
  5. Thank you so much! It is very encouraging to see you say that, so thank you very much! ❤️
  6. Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words, I always do try my best so I’m glad you’re noticing my efforts!
  7. I appreciate the kind words mate, I do try my best so it's always nice when people appreciate my efforts!
  8. Thank you so much, I really appreciate this. 😄
  9. You’re too kind, thank you. You’re an 11/10
  10. How much did he pay you to do this
  11. Thank you so much mate, this makes it all worth it! Keep up the good work yourself. ❤️
  12. I find it strange that you spent enough time on the server to gain 39 million, yet you forgot about the server in 2 days of your PC being broken?
  13. Yep, cheers that for that Blaince
  14. Thank you so much for the kind words, makes it all that much more worth it going OD!
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