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  1. Although the guy is apparently a new staff member, he did a decent job at picking up the slack for the staff members that would pretend to be AFK, or just ignore to RP tonight. Even when I came to him with a complicated sit, he tried his best to deal with it and went out of his way to get further help when he couldn't. He has the right mindset for a good staff member, and is a very friendly guy. Would recommend 10/10.
  2. Only staff member willing to go on duty while the server had 70+ players on and 10+ RP-ing staff, when asked to go OD, staffed and dealt with reports immediately whilst some staff pretended to be AFK. Very helpful and dealt with reports as quickly as he could, although he is a new mod, he is doing a great job at staffing! Disappointed in the how the staff team was acting, but he kept the speed up.
  3. because your proof is shit, thats like claiming someone stole your cat, go to the police, and you show them this and youre like wtf police why arent you arresting him
  4. I think his new name should be "guy who needs glasses"
  5. Mortimer can you put me on the mentor list to get mentored as I have been waiting 2 days now


  6. -Removed due to slander- Thanks to all the people who put kind comments on this, I respect you greatly for that.
  7. Mortimer, you're innactive

    1. Gaster


      You're not even reading this, you're even AFK on the forums ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. Mortimer


      how fucking dare you


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