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  1. raasclart dickhead cuz

  2. squidward

    Holm's Store

    gg. Rebellion is making a lead on CJ's. Blady has been changed to "Combat Medic" Rebellion clones shall begin to get into production and they will also be slightly worse than Rebellion
  3. squidward

    Flips Guide PSA

    flips are 50/50. Natsirt is correct in this, you could lose 5 flips in a row, that literally just is your luck.
  4. squidward


    Hey mate I don't know why this doesn't work maybe try contacting @Riph he is a very helpful and a lovely staff member.
  5. To be fair, quite a strange person which isn't bad. Good admin, actually gets stuff done
  6. IG Name: squidward (or probably some shitty meme) Selling: Rebellion (best cj) Description: Great CJ, https://cloud-gaming.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/14914-rebellion-custom-job-slots/ Price: £N/A Payment method(s): Trading CJ Other comments: Willing to trade Rebellion for another CJ (inb4 get an offer to a job with nothing on it) oh and u pay fees Add: squidward#8059 if you'd like to talk about a potential trade.
  7. Love how bigman made a new forums account to get away from his -106 rep 😁 Edit: You're downvoting other people for no reason on this account as well hahahaha
  8. squidward

    Custom Jobs

    Thank you RzVibration (Owner of Steven and Part Owner of Ace custom jobs) for updating the custom jobs list.
  9. squidward

    Eskimo's Store

    shut the fuck up, but baldy is bad
  10. squidward

    Buying boney

    Rebellion CJ is also good @Toast
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