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  1. DJ, Hits, Moonshine, Weed, Raid PD, Raid Bank, Build on streets, raid, mug, kidnap Blaze on the other ✋can do all that and spawn special arms dealer weapons, cook meth, mine Bitcoin, spawn armor charger and be hired as guard Edit: Steven has Ares shrike, f2000 and csgo daggers, weapons that can only be seen on steven, buy a slot today dont hate me rz
  2. I agree with everything but the font size #🧊4sa
  3. natsirt

    Cow's Store

    wHaT iS bAlDy? (it got renamed to Combat Medic and then Blaze) also I miss u come back
  4. natsirt

    Alex's store

    I woulda bought courier's in that case
  5. Agreed Radec 100% gay tho
  6. Ran out of it, hungry Corona people took it all.
  7. 1)did u raid them? (Pls say yes) 2) I'll sell u an RPG (or 10) 1.2mil each 3) Welcome to the club, me, you, and dash, once we recruit more we take over.
  8. Welcome to my life, I'm assuming I will never get my ar2 back 😢
  9. natsirt

    Holm's Store

    You can farm them efficiently then. Next stop is the end.
  10. natsirt

    Holm's Store

    Does your sl8 have looting?
  11. natsirt

    Flips Guide PSA

    I talked about this in OOC earlier, if you have (starting small) 875k and you start bet at 125k, then if you win its 125k, if you lose and double every time you will get a total of 125k profit. you have a 1/2x2x2 chance of loss as there are three steps (125k+250k+500k=875k) then you make a 125k profit 7/8 times and make a -875k loss 1/8. Adding more maths into this 7/8(chance of profit) x 125k(profit) = 109375 Then the loss 1/8(chance of loss) x -875k(loss)= -109375. This balances out, the larger the safety net, the larger the potential loss. The lower the bid amountt the lower the profit. This will work with any numbers given, flips are 50/50, no 2 ways about it. Ex. 100k start bid, and 12.7mil safety net (this should be safe, right?) you have 7 goes before you are out. 1/2x2x2x2x2x2x2 chance of loss (1/128) and thus 127/128 win. 127/128x100k=99218.75 and the loss is 1/127x(-12700k)=-99218.75 sry man.
  12. natsirt

    Flips Guide PSA

    I rly dont like this. NO MATTER WHAT you will always have 50/50 even if you lost 10 in a row before, (W=win L=lose) having LLLLLW is 1.56% just like LLLLLL. they have the same odds. this is especially true when u see that both players can have lost 7 beforehand etc.
  13. "Post here to recommend a staff member or players, there is no template. Any stupid / troll posts will be removed and the user will be banned." I'm not sure this is recommending a player or staff member
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