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IG Name: Kevin Bail
Selling: Boney Slots
Description: Discord or Message me on the Forums.
Price: Meh, look below
Payment method(s): Paypal
Other comments: Boney will not be sold for IGM.

Boney Slots

Owner: @Noseian @Zabiehunter

Skeleton HL2 Player Model 

Can raid and base with everyone

✔ Now Verified ✔


m9k_scar , double barrelm9k_ithacam37, Jackhammer, m9k_M3,

m9k_Matador, m9k_mp5sd, m9k_barret_m82, m9k_sl8


Active Camouflage, 100 Armor, Climb Swep 2, Hackphone, Disguise, BHop Swep, Unarrest Baton, Police Shield


Meth Cook, Raid PD, Build on streets, Raid Bank, Mug, Weed

Coming Soon:

Famas, Lockpick

pay-recharge.svgPrice: 40£pay-recharge.svg

Steven Slots


Steven custom job, very good yes


m9k_ares_shrike, m9k_ithacam, m9k_svu, m9k_dbarrel, m9k_jackhammer, m9k_ak74, m9k_sl8, m9k_ied_detonator,

m9k_1897winchester, csgo_daggers, m9k_matador, m9k_famas, m9k_mp5sd, m9k_barret_m82


weapon_lightsaber (magic sword), climb_swep2,  bhop_swep, weapon_hack_phone, weapon_camo,

weapon_medkit, unarrest_stick, wp_hammer, weapon_policeshield, pro_lockpick_update, disguisekit


DJ, Hits, Moonshine, Weed, Raid PD, Raid Bank, Build on streets

  pay-recharge.svgPrice: N/A£pay-recharge.svg



You may base and raid with anyone.
          You may build on the streets.
          You are allowed to mug for a maximum of £10000.
          You are allowed to kidnap anyone.

          You are allowed to raid PD.


 Magic Sword, Double barrel shotgun,Spas 12,Ithaca M37,SVU,Cross bow,G36,Tar21


Climb Swep 2, Bhop Swep, Hackphone, Camo, Disguise, Police shield, lockpick,Keypad Cracker,Medkit


DJ equipment, Create Bitcoins, Spawn armor charger, Meth cook, Brew Moonshine, Grow Weed, Take Hits, Raid PD, Build on streets

pay-recharge.svgPrice: Don't look at Reb. Reserved.£pay-recharge.svg



Exile Custom Job



m9k_usas, m9k_m60, m9k_scar, m9k_remington870, m9k_mp5sd, m9k_deagle, m9k_sl8, m9k_m1918bar, m9k_amd65


weapon_lightsaber (magic sword), climb_swep2, bhop_swep, weapon_hackphone,

weapon_camo, unarrest_stick, disguise_kit, pro_lockpick_update, 3d2dcracker_weapon 


DJ, Weed, Raid PD, Raid Bank, Build on Streets

pay-recharge.svgPrice: N/A£pay-recharge.svg



Owned by Jamie, a Super Admin


m9k_ithacam37, m9k_SVT40, m9k_val, m9k_aw50, m9k_amd65, m9k_usas, m9k_m1918bar, m9k_glock,

 m9k_dragunov, m9k_model3russian, m9k_deagle, m9k_1897winchester, m9k_mp40, m9k_model500



Magic Sword,  Damascus Sword, Police shield, Cloak SWEP, Climb SWEP,

Bhop SWEP, Hack Phone, Unarrest baton, Medkit, Hammer, opbugbait


Build on Streets, Raid Bank/PD, DJ, Special Arms Dealer, Moonshine,

Bitcoin, Meth, Weed, Be Hired as a Guard, Armour Charger, Take hits.

  pay-recharge.svgPrice: N/A£pay-recharge.svg

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--Boney Custom Job Christmas Giveaway©--

Because the owners are lovely people. We're going to giveaway one Boney Custom Job slot for Christmas - Terms and Conditions Apply

Terms and Conditions

1. To qualify for entry into the amazing Boney Custom Job Christmas Giveaway© a 500k donation is required per ticket- This is to increase the server's role-play and make more people actually spend time basing.

2. A maximum of 3 Tickets can be bought, alternate accounts are not valid and will void any entries. 

3. You must message @Noseian on the Forums with the below form - This is to verify your entry:

Forum Name:

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

Tickets Bought:

4. Winner will be chosen on the 21st December at 21:00 in order for the Job to be with the Owner before Christmas! 

5. If you already have a Boney Custom Job slot and would still like to enter, unfortunately we cannot give you two Boney Slots, thus we offer a £25 Voucher to spend on the Upgrade of Boney - You will be able to choose any weapon/swep/etc. 

6. Donations will be took anytime from now until the closing date. 

To view the entries and your chance of winning please visit the following link:


If you are viewing on-demand or after this program is aired please to not try to enter this competition as the offer has closed and you may still be charged!

Good Luck!

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